Who am I?



Taking a class online on faces (Let’s Face it) and this is a lesson by Olga Furman. It was tough. I am still not sure I love her but I want to share it as it is part of my creative journey. If you’re an artist, you can probably relate… sometimes, you just don’t like the end result….
This was tough, I really struggled with it and almost gave up.
First of all, I have never painted faces using gray tones – that was hard, kept thinking she looked like a corpse (LOL). Then her princess Leia hairstyle just irked me. So I gessoed over them. Then I struggled with the background… I think I am finally done. Still not sure I love her, but it was a great lesson, glad I push myself out of my comfort zone.
Also not sure who she is supposed to be, a clown? a bumble bee? a queen? .. hence, the quite Who am I? Think she is confused….

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