Be Who You Are… not who the world wants you to be..


I had a good learning experience yesterday. Decided to do a mixed media painting and film it for my YouTube channel. However, I was too aware of the filming and the process stressed me out. I ended up not liking the end product.


Guess my stress and frustration was reflected in the painting. I decided to post it anyway on my Facebook art groups and everyone was so encouraging and persuaded me not to abandon my painting. Many people provided suggestions too.. one in particular stood out to me (wish I remembered who it came from)… which is to let her be who she is, and not to force it.

I decided to take a break, stopped by the library, the bookstore and Michaels (“rewarded” myself with bottles of yummy acrylic paint:).

When I came home, I stopped filming and just painted. Playing with colors and just “letting her be”. It was liberating and I do like the end result (the picture at the top of the page)

Good lesson for me… to paint for joy, not to force it, take a break when needed, and so thankful for all the supportive and encouraging art community on Facebook.

Here is the video of the original painting, before the makeover:) Enjoy!

Here are some close ups of the painting. Love glitter and metallic paint!!!





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