Be your own kind of beautiful 

“Be your own kind of beautiful”. Early am painting. Loved painting on my Arches watercolor block. Good paper really makes a difference. It makes the painting process a lot more enjoyable and I love seeing the watercolor “run” around the page. I really should stop being cheap and paint more on better paper😂 #teresalowart.

Here are some progress pics.


2 thoughts on “Be your own kind of beautiful 

  1. Theresa says:

    You have lovely work through out your blog. Best quality paper for your chosen medium definitely makes so much difference, not only in the result but also in the enjoyment of using the supplies. I’ve have my Arches and Fabriano ready to sew into a journal for a couple of years and yesterday I bought my first set of artist quality watercolour paints. I’m prepared to be amazed!! LOL. Love your progress pics and the different personalities in your girls.

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