Life is good under the sea…

Do you have canvases that you created in the past and just don’t like them anymore? I do. In this case, it is a mixed media canvas I did at an art workshop a few years back. 

I did not have a plan. Just wanted to play. So I slapped on some acrylic paint, added some collage, more paint, then added a face. 

The colors brought me under the sea. So I ran with this inspiration. Adding fishes, seaweed, changed her hair to orange (my favorite color hair💖).

Then I went on a business trip and had to take a break. The break was good as it allowed me to see the painting differently and noticed that I needed more contrast in values. 

Came home and played with it this morning. Added darker tones, glitter to her hair, glitter to the jelly fish, molding paste for the bubbles and pastels on her face. I can probably work on this forever (I probably will). But for now, I am happy with her. Will hang it up in my bedroom. I love everything about the sea.. 

I used all kinds of supplies for this. Acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, pastels, acrylic ink, glitter, spackling paste, scrap paper…love mixed media! 


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