If you are feeling blue…

I had the most incredulous experience yesterday… not a good one. My second day in Toronto. Loving the multicultural diversity of this beautiful city and met a lot of friendly supportive Canadians. Decided to have dinner at a nearby sushi place and a chatty lady next to me decided to have a conversation with me. She was friendly and as the conversation continues, she found out that I am from usa and asked me how I feel about the election results. And then she proceeded to tell me why this is a good thing for USA, how Trump was the victim, how I should read his book. I can feel my blood boiling and I also realize that she only wanted to convince me she is right and was not interested in having an exchange of thoughts. luckily I was almost done with my dinner. I told her I disagree but thanked her and left. I was so rattled, lots of emotions rolling all over me… went back to my hotel room and painted this. Why do people feel the need to correct others, convince others that their position is the right one and that yours is wrong. I have my own thoughts and opinions, thank you very much. And what’s a Canadian telling me this for? You don’t even live in USA! I could not bring myself to paint a blue blue face, despite how I was feeling. So I painted her with some color underneath. I know the light will emerge eventually. It will. Kindness and love will conquer all. So, “if you’re feeling blue, paint yourself a different color.”

Some progress pics…


Give yourself time to heal…

It has been an emotional 24 hours and an emotionally exhausting few months. I have never cared this much about politics. But this one is different. It cuts deep into my core. I am sad, confused, bewildered, worried. And on top of all that, Nov 9th was my birthday. But something wonderful happen throughout the day. I received many birthday wishes from friends and families. People who cared to drop a note. To say hello. My team at work surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I got to enjoy the most delicious chocolate cake with my family. Accompanied by a beautiful glass of wine. Took some funny snapchat pics with my daughter….I was reminded of all the good around me. All the love. The blessings. And all that we can do. That we have the power to stay true to our values. no one can change us, if we don’t let them. So, I am thankful and hopeful. That said, I know I will need time to heal from all this negativity and emotional roller coaster. Tonight, I give myself this piece of art, to acknowledge my feelings and to remind myself to give myself time to heal. I hope you will too. The next piece I make will be a happier one… ❤️

Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose…

People often say I am stubborn, mostly when they are not happy with me. And I admit, I can be stubborn at times. But in certain situation, it is more about persevering than stubbornness. 

This is an example. Here is the story. 

I painted this girl… And I hated the outcome! She looked so tortured.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I dislike this. But I can’t just walk away from it. She bugged me.  So I decided to gesso over her. I liked her a lot better already 😂

And added collage over her. Getting more interesting. But where is this going?

 So I added some paint…and more paint…

But something just wasn’t right. She looked scary. I was frustrated…

And then I got it… with all the coldness around her, I need some warmth on her face.. 

And now I am happy. Finally. 

And this is Perseverance … Stubbornness with a purpose. 

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel” Sansa Stark

Sketching time. Wanted to practice different faces to break from my usual girl. Decided to sketch Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. I miss that show…

This is one of my favorite quotes. Really speaks to how Sansa has evolved through the show… from a silly girl with silly fantasies to a strong woman who fights for her home. 

Can’t wait for the next season to return…. 

Mystery of the journey 

This is what’s on my table this am. I love this part of the journey where she is emerging but there is still a mystery on where she is going. How should I dress her? What’s the background?… let the journey unfold…

She was like the moon..

Tonight, after a whole weekend of no painting, I was glad to sit at my art table and do my favorite thing, paint a face!!! 

I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest and it spoke to me… and tonight, it inspired me to paint a face that is half hidden..

We are all like the moon.. with parts of ourselves hidden. Some more than others. But I believe we all have something hidden…maybe to protect ourselves.. 

In any case, it feels so good to paint… i felt a little off kilter this am and now, I am balanced again.