She was like the moon..

Tonight, after a whole weekend of no painting, I was glad to sit at my art table and do my favorite thing, paint a face!!! 

I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest and it spoke to me… and tonight, it inspired me to paint a face that is half hidden..

We are all like the moon.. with parts of ourselves hidden. Some more than others. But I believe we all have something hidden…maybe to protect ourselves.. 

In any case, it feels so good to paint… i felt a little off kilter this am and now, I am balanced again. 


2 thoughts on “She was like the moon..

  1. skypainter says:

    Love the lady and the line! So soft and mysterious …Great when a piece of art gives you reason for some deep thinking…We all react differently…some look at art for the way it was made and others think about the subject itself. Always enjoy your posts…<3


    • tlow1260 says:

      Thank you skypainter. I agree with you. That’s why I love it when people share their thoughts when they see my art… I love the different reactions and perspectives…. the beauty of diversity…


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