A delightfully chaotic mess 

It’s early morning on Saturday. The house is quiet, filled with the peaceful slumber of my loved ones. My perfect art moment. I usually warm up by tidying my messy art table from the night before, go over some of the old stuff that I either did not like or did not finish. This piece caught my eye. 

Painted her a few weeks ago when I was obsessed with Dr Ph Martin’s concentrated watercolors. But there was something about her I did not like. It was her face, it was very blue then and she looked like a corpse. The problem with blue on faces. I tried to tone it down with gesso but it did not work. 

Today I decided to paint more white gesso over her face, added flesh tones to give her life and then, the magic happened when I added pastels. The pastels softened her face, gave her a little pink tint and I also added some blue on her hair. She has come back to life! More importantly her face does not distract from the glorious messy colors on her hair anymore. 

Thank you pastels for saving her! She is a delightfully chaotic glorious mess, just like me and I love her just the way she is!

Now that I am warmed up, time to move onto a new painting! 


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