You are loved…my little one 

You are loved… my little ones..

I just had a wonderful Saturday volunteering with my 2 teens. It is not often that we get to do things together and I treasure every minute of it. It also reminded me of how quickly they are growing up and soon, my older one will go off to college and then the little one will follow suit.

I know this is what life is about and I am excited for them, for their future. I hope they will always know that they are loved, wherever they are… no matter what age they are, they will always be my little one in my heart…

Re the watercolor painting. I love elephants and have heard about the strong bonds they have with their babies. But I have never painted one. I am just not good at painting anything other than faces, especially animals. 

This time, I thought I would push myself and give it a try. I actually enjoyed it. Took me a while to get the proportions right. And the eyes are different. I like what turned up. 

Will paint more… it is peaceful looking at their beautiful features and gentle eyes when I paint them…. 

Dedicated to my “little” ones who are not little anymore. 


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