Art therapy…

I don’t usually paint when I am upset. Not sure why. Maybe because I only want to see pretty things in my art? This page was an exception. It started with a lot of dark blues and greys. Reflecting my mood and state of mind. As the day went on, my mood got lighter and better. So did the colors on this page. I added more white and light colors to the page. And as my spirits lifted, I began to doodle on the page and voila, the final page appeared. Much lighter and happier than when I first started. Art is therapy indeed..

Acrylic paint with collage and markers for doodling. Also added some texture using molding paste and stencil. Finally added some journaling to remember this page by. 


2 thoughts on “Art therapy…

  1. Sharla Martinez says:

    Devastatingly beautiful! Truly haunting in all the right ways. I feel so moved by these pages, I want to drink them up. Thank you so much for sharing Teresa!

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