Can’t let my itch stop me…

This past 2 weeks have been hellish with my first poison ivy encounter. I had to see the doctor 3 times, going from low dosage of steroids to a full injection of steroids. And during this time, I realized just how difficult it is to do any art or anything really, while my body is itching. Especially drawing or painting faces. My brain just can’t hold any other thought besides “I want to scratch so bad!!!”. 

Thankfully mixed media was the exception. I could randomly throw down colors, collage pics and do random doodles on the page. Here are some progress pics of a homemade watercolor journal cover I made with mixed media. 

First find and glue images on my page. No rhyme or reason why I picked them. Just like how they look together. Then gesso over to prime the page.

 Time to add some colors using acrylic paint and distress ink pad. I also love to add gesso to tie the page together. 

Gesso using a brayed. My favorite technique to pull the page together.

Then added stamps with words, doodle..

And viola. Done. Maybe I will keep doodling on it…


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