Creativity is a wild mind….

I find the creative process fascinating. I don’t have a vision in mind when I start and the end result always surprise me.. in a good way. Thought I would share my process with you. Wonder if any of you can relate to this.

I usually start with drawing a face. Then I begin to paint the face, leaving her eyes to the end. It is so satisfying when I paint her eyes in and she comes to life. Then comes the question, what color her hair be? Usually it’s a trial and error. In this case I decided on reds and oranges.

Then comes the most difficult part… what should I do about the background? Should I leave it blank? Paint? Collage? Today,  I decided to go with some texture and pattern. It was fun to do…

And once that is done, I look at her and wonder what she is trying to say. With some key words in mind, I turn to Pinterest to find a quote to express it. In this case, the quote by Dorothy Parker spoke to me.

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.

So true….


2 thoughts on “Creativity is a wild mind….

  1. Marilyn Parigian says:

    We are on a similar wave length artistically. I rarely have a vision of the end result when starting a project. Usually paint the eyes first, however. Work back and forth on the whole project as it speaks to me. Love your creativity and look forward to your new creations.

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