Bigotry thrives on silence. Speak up!

The recent tragic event in Charlottesville rocked the core of my being. I cannot believe it happened.. in this day and age…. in this wonderful country I call home.

I have never felt afraid being a minority here. On the contrary, I have always been grateful for the opportunities I have been given. And felt welcomed here. To be clear, I work hard and proud of the life I have been able to build.

I am shocked and sad to see bigotry rear its ugly head more and more boldly these days. We seem to have taken so many steps backwards.

That said, I am also inspired by the people speaking up against it. Bigotry thrives on silence. We have to speak up!
We are better than this. We can fight this! With love, not hate. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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