Cherish every cuddle…

When I make art, I aim for something beautiful. Something that pleases the eye. Today, I let that go. The need to create something beautiful. Instead, I used art to help me process my feelings. A true journal page.

This was inspired by a picture of a baby in a flower bed. Probably Anne Geddes? The baby looks so sweet and tender. Cocooned in the flower bed… So safe so precious. I thought of my babies. When they were this little.

Now they are teenagers. One can’t wait to leave home for college next year, the other going through the rebellious stage where everyday feels like a test of my patience. I tell myself, this too shall pass.

Letting go is so hard. So so hard. Sometimes I feel like my heart is breaking, thinking of them leaving home…

This poem is bittersweet..and so true…cherish every cuddle, remember them all, because one day mommy, I won’t be this small….


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