Dreaming of Squam Lake

Four years ago, I stumbled across an art retreat called Squam art workshop. Watched a video on the website and was convinced I have to go. I did and it changed me. It is where I go to be who I truly am. No titles, no baggage…just me. It is where I meet my tribe. People who love to make things, create art, just like me. It is a place where magic happens, when you dip your feet in the Squam lake, or just sit by the dock listening to the loons.

This year I attended spring Squam. I will miss Fall Squam, which begins tomorrow. I will miss my fellow squammies and wish them a magical week ahead. I will watch for all the posts from Squam this week, hoping to live vicariously through them.

In the meantime, here is my homage to Squam. A place where I go to find my tribe. A place where magic happens.

Thank you Elizabeth Duvivier for everything.


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