Hello gorgeous

Sometimes it amazes me how tough we can be. Life throws us curve balls but we get through it. I started this piece by playing with splotches of ink, not knowing where it would end up. Added some collage and the words “hello gorgeous”. Then some doodling. All the while thinking of my mother in law who is currently hospitalized far far away in Singapore. I am blessed to have one of the best mother in law anyone could ask for. She is strong, independent and always putting the welfare of her children first. It hurts to think of her suffering and wish we could see her more often. When it came time to finish this piece, I knew what I needed to write in the blank space..

Dedicated to my mother in law and putting this out to the universe… hello gorgeous. Life is tough, but so are you. Keep fighting. We will be home to see you soon…😘😘😘😘


2 thoughts on “Hello gorgeous

  1. buzzybarbee says:

    This is beautiful! Such an amazing story and I know how you feel! This is a wonderful tribute to her Teresa and I am awe struck at your warmth and sincerity. So sweet of you to do this scwith her in mind. Thank you for describing the process and my best wishes for her recovery! ~ Barb Hauenstein

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