Art is life

Before and After

The process of making art is a journey (for me). It can start off with a few drops of ink onto water on a page. Then it evolves and change over time as I add to it, or take away from it. Looking for areas I love and areas I don’t. In this piece, I really did not like the strange looking blue things on the top left and bottom left. And when I collaged some words over them, it felt right. I know they are there but I don’t have to look at them directly. And then suddenly it became something so different from how it started. Kinda like life. We all start off one way and as life happens, we evolve and change to become who we are. It is how we react to what life throws at you, that makes us the being we are. Focus on the parts we like and grow through the parts we don’t.

I had to add the orange color to complete it

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