No words

Have you ever had an experience that shook you so badly that you are left feeling unsettled and discombobulated? Reliving that moment in your head…

I had a gorgeous day yesterday. A day of sunshine, mural hunting and spending time with my son. What more could one ask for?

Well, on my drive home, I fell asleep at the wheel. It’s a problem I have. Made worse when I am exhausted. Today, I opened my eyes to find my car swerving like mad in the grassy ditch/median. I struggled to take control of the wheel, turning it back onto the highway so I don’t crash into the trees. Little did I know that getting it on the highway could have been fatal as it spun around on the highway. Miraculously I did not hit any car.

I narrowly escaped death. Could easily have crashed, died, be paralyzed or badly injured. But I did not. The car had to be repaired but I am fine.

I finally got home fine. And felt unsettled the rest of the day. Could not do any art or anything really. I can’t even put into words how I felt.

I did manage to splash some ink on paper.

This morning, I was able to paint something on it. I guess this is how I feel, but still without words. I don’t have a title for this. But it is just how I feel now.

Have you ever felt this way? You are feeling and thinking lots but can’t describe it?

I am thankful. For art. For my guardian angels who looked over me. For a second chance in life. To never take things for granted again. I will stop and take a nap the next time I feel sleepy while driving. I will not risk my own life and others. I promise🙏


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