Drawing is seeing

I love drawing. Faces. Drawing two people together is tough! Hand, arm, proportions… so here is a peek into my process. The secret is to draw, erase, draw and try try try again!!! As you can see, I did this many many times 😂 And to use the Instagram layout app. I am always amazed at how my mind something very different from reality. Looking at my sketch side by side the actual photo really helps illuminate where I went wrong. I think I am finally happy with this.. time to transfer to watercolor paper and start painting 💃💃💃💃 hope this helps fellow sketchers out there. Maybe you have other tips on how to get your proportions right?

One more thought. Someone said to me,

“If your aim is to replicate a photo, why bother? Many portraits and images with changed proportions can move me, but replicating a picture is unlikely to. I hope you stop worrying about replication and go with what you see instead.”

It’s an interesting thought. And I thought about that too. I do think everything that we draw will have our own touch to it. It is actually really hard to replicate something exactly. I do feel that what I draw has bits of me in it. The aim is not to replicate but to get the proportions right. Guess I am going for realism. I don’t enjoy drawing hands that are not proportionate to the rest of the body.

What do you think?


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