My very first YouTube Video!


Today is another first for me. My very first YouTube video of me painting a portrait!!! I cannot believe I actually did it! A few people have encouraged me to make videos to share my painting process and I said I would think about it, but I hesitated, not sure I could do it. There were so many unknowns and question marks. How would I video tape myself? what equipment? how would I set it up? wouldn’t it be stressful to paint while being taped? on and on.

But on this rainy day over the long weekend, I finally got my husband to help me set up my camera, and then I just went for it! I was a little self conscious being taped but after a while I got into the painting zone and forgot about the camera. I did make a mistake in the beginning…. thought it was taping, but it wasn’t (gasp!!). that’s ok, it’s my first one.

Then I had to figure out how to edit the video. But thanks to Google and YouTube, I figured it out!

I still can’t believe it! So proud of myself!

Here is the link if you would like to check it out. Again, I messed up the beginning, but most of the video is there. I even learned to add music to it!:) Hopefully I won’t get awful comments on my video… that’s ok, even if I did, I am still glad I gave it a try. Feels so good to learn something new!

I hope you will enjoy it:)



6 thoughts on “My very first YouTube Video!

  1. MaryKaye Wells says:

    WAY TO GO TERESA!!!! I’m so excited for you! Artist – amazing and now technological genius!! I’m putting up my first youtube video tomorrow (I hope) It’s a musical invitation to my 1 woman show that is next Friday. This is so exciting. Thrilled for you.

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  2. kdcrum says:

    Congratulations Teresa for a job well done on your first video! I loved it and I’m so impressed how you just jumped in and made up your mind to tackle the unknown. I look forward to watching your future girls develop their personalities and attitude and I really thank you for sharing your process with us. Just wondering what watercolors you are using. Have a happy July 4th! Kathy

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