You have enemies? Good.

When I learn something new, I get into obsession mode. Just learned how to make a video for YouTube and actually created a second video yesterday! It is addictive!!! I learned new editing skills, even added more captions this time.

I love this quote too. Reflects how I feel.. Yup, had to stand up for something last week and if I have an enemy now, so be it!💃💃💃 I also love this girl who has a plunging neckline and is a little badass:)

Also played with gold leaf paint, to add some glam:) a girl’s got to shine 😉

Check out my YouTube video for more process tips.


Let me know what you think:)



2 thoughts on “You have enemies? Good.

  1. janlc says:

    I just found you tonight and am so happy I did! I loved your videos and totally understand the fear or hesitation. I haven’t even been able to buy a video camera. I love, love, love your faces. Your art gives me a very refreshing and joyful feeling. I will be a follower for sure! (I joined “Lets Face It” a week or two ago) I regularly sketch faces but am fearful of painting them. I always feel like I have to rush when I’m painting. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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    • tlow1260 says:

      Thank you janic ❤️💖💜 so glad to connect with fellow face sketcher👍 I know how you feel about fear of painting your faces. I was the same way for many years. I think what helped me was to sketch the faces very lightly so they don’t look finished. That way I have more incentive to paint them to finish them😉 I am so glad that you get joy from my painting. Makes me so happy. Thank you for leaving your comment❤️💖💜


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