When you wear a hat…

“When you wear a hat, it is like medicine for the soul. The hat is the expression of who you are as a women in every moment! The hat is your dreams of who you can be. It facilitates the different parts of who you are: With the wave of the hat, voila! You are mysterious…no, you are sexy…now proper…now playful.” 

I saw this quote from http://www.hatladies.org. I loved it. It expresses how I feel about hats, the magical feeling of trying on different hats and explains why I love a good hat (and why I bought some hats at the spur of the moment and never seem to have the guts to wear them again 😂 lol!). 

Cheers to a good hat! 

Sketched this in the car on the way back from the beach…Graphite Hb pencil. 


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