I can’t fake anything…


Due to my travels, I have not been able to do much watercolor painting. So, I was eager to play with my watercolors and I did… went crazy with the colors in her hair. Did not have a plan, just dipped my brush into colors I like and see what happens. I like how her hair turned out. If only I have the courage to wear a colorful hair do like that in real life:)


Found a quote that described me to a T. I can’t fake anything even if I want to. My facial expression gives me away each and every time! That’s why I am terrible at poker games. You can always tell if I am bluffing. If I intensely dislike someone, I have a very difficult time even looking at the person, forget about having a conversation with this person! This is my Achilles heel:) but I am okay with that.


Here is a video showing my process. I am getting the hang of this video making thing…. yay…. Enjoy!




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