Sketching make me happy..


I’ve always loved sketching faces. Guess it all began when I fell in love with manga characters when I was a teenager. I would read manga books, and draw the pretty girls in the books.

Since I travel often for my work, I have found that sketching is a great way to pass time at the airport and makes delays bearable (to a certain extent). And with my luck, I have been given a lot of time to practice my sketching at airports lately:(

Drawing is also the foundation of a good painting. The reality is…if the drawing is bad, no amount of great painting can overcome that.

Many people are afraid of drawing faces. I don’t think it is that difficult, but it takes practice – like anything really. And it’s important to keep the proportions of the facial features right. And then practice, practice, practice.

So, I decided to make a video to show how I draw and shade a face. This is obviously not the only way. It is just my way. I hope you will get something from this and perhaps sketch more. Let me know what you think:)





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