Tiny treasures 

I am most comfortable painting on 9×12 size. Recently, a fellow artist friend introduced me to the little atc size cards and I decided to give it a try. First I cut up watercolor paper into 3×4 size.

I soon realized that there isn’t enough space to do a lot of details nor is there space to do much blending to cover up mistakes. The small size forces me to keep it simple and be deliberate with my strokes.

Given the limited space, I decided to go back to my first love, anime. Have not drew anime since I was a teenager. Painting them made me so happy, brought back wonderful memories of my youth when all I read was manga and I had sketchbooks of anime drawings. 

These are also really quick to do, perfect for the few mins in the am before I head out to work.

Simple tiny treasures in my life. 

Oh, and the beautiful thing is my daughter, loves anime too!


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