To all my mothers…Happy Mother’s Day 

When I was little, my parents had to leave Singapore for Netherlands to look for work. I was left in the care of my grandma and aunts. Because of that, I’ve always felt a certain closeness with them. And I’ve always felt loved. That said, there were many times when I resented having so many people be “in my business”.. now I realize it’s because they love me. 

In a certain sense, my grandma and aunts are like my mothers. And it just occurred to me that this is very similar to how the elephants take care of their young. The calves are cared for by the aunts, sisters and mother. 

So on this Mother’s Day, I would like to thank my grandma and aunts (some of whom have passed away) for their love. Happy Mother’s Day 💕💕💕

This was painted with watercolor and white specks created with gesso. 


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