Letting go…

Learned a new technique today call blind contouring. This is when you look at an object, draw it without looking at your paper or lift up your pen. It was an interesting experience. In the beginnings, it was stressful not being able to check and correct what I drew. But soon I just let go and have fun. 

The picture did not look like the girl I was looking at. All her features were wonky. Interestingly, after I added paint to the picture, painting and adding colors that I like with no clear objective in mind…, she began to appear.. in an abstract manner. 

Then I added some doodles to it. 

And finally scribbled a long quote about letting go, over the picture. It was hard to write over it as I loved the picture I painted. But I wanted to practice letting go. So I did. 

And I like the end result. A good reminder to relax and let go, go with the flow…


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