My cup is full…

Last week, I was at Squam Art retreat in New Hampshire. My 5th year. This art retreat means a lot to me. It changed my life. It got me through one of my most difficult times in my life and made me realize that I am so much more than my professional title, what I own ( or not own), where I come from, etc. 

The 4 days at Squam is a time of quiet contemplation, a time of creative exploration, a time of connecting with old friends and making new ones and a time to connect with yourself.

The first year I went to Squam, I went alone and knew no one. Being an introvert, I was surprised I had the courage to do that. I probably did not think too much about it. I just took the plunge. The beauty of squam is that most people there are creatives and are introverts. It is super easy to talk to anyone because of our shared interests and it is equally acceptable if you choose to have a quiet moment. It is also perfectly normal to be knitting or making something with your hands while you are sitting around with people. I love that. Nobody would think you are weird or feels the need to ask you why do you need to be doing something at all times…

I have truly found my tribe at Squam. Some of the friendships I have formed here have blossomed outside of squam and I am thankful for these beautiful beings. 

This year, I was able to take Colleen Attara’s stories and treasures class. I have long admired Colleen’s work and was super excited to take her class. She is such a beautiful, authentic and generous human being. She gave all of us so much.. from materials to advice to inspiration. You can’t help falling in love with her. She encouraged us to tell our stories. To be authentic. Check out her website to find out more. Her cards are amazing… this is an altered book I made in her class. I look forward to filling it with my stories and thoughts…

The other class I took was Layers of Landscape by Karin Olah. This is about using fabric to add dimension to your painting. Karin’s work is amazing. She makes me want to learn how to paint landscapes. Check out her work here

While I wished I could paint landscapes, I knew my heart just wasn’t in it. So I listened to my heart and decided to paint what I love most instead. A face. This is what I painted and I love her. I think she was inspired by all the beautiful creative goddesses I have met at Squam. The fabric really added something interesting to the painting. I approached it like mixed media, using fabric as another media. I love this new technique and will be using it more. 

Thank you Squam. Thank you Squammies. For filling my cup. My cup runneth over with Joy, gratitude and inspiration. Till the next time we meet…

Here are some other pics to share.

Here is me on top of rattlesnake mountain. One of the most gorgeous views I have ever seen..

Here is a view of the dock outside our cabin. Every cabin has a dock. This is where we hang out, swim, dip our feet in the lake, look out for loons, knit, draw, drink wine, etc. 

Lastly, to bring a little piece of squam back with me…

Till the next time… 


8 thoughts on “My cup is full…

  1. Mary Green says:

    Wow!!! I must comment! I love your girl and the fabric is beautiful. Colleen is amazing. I immediately went to her page and checked out her art. I too love to use fabric and threads in my work. It’s just so freeing, especially if it’s upcycled. Love that you shared your retreat. Someday!!

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