Getting my sea legs back..

Have not painted for the last 2 weeks while I was visiting family in Singapore. Was hesitant to pick up my paintbrush. Doubting myself.

But once I got going, it’s like cycling… felt a little rusty but still enjoyable. Goes to show that practice makes a big difference. Like most things in life. Glad to be back.

Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Getting my sea legs back..

  1. jan pendergast says:

    Happy painting and may the creative thoughts flow free in this new year , Teresa . I know how it feels to do no art for a while , it’s like you lose a part of yourself 💝

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  2. Teresa Low Art says:

    Thanks Jan Pendergast. I agree with your comment about losing a part of yourself when you don’t do art for a while…. that was how I was feeling…. feeling whole again when I sit at my art table and start painting…. feel so good! Happy arting!


  3. Sandra L. says:

    Know that feeling all to well. All was going as planned then a horrid tragedy hit in April and I haven’t entered my studio since. Gorgeous as always.


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