You’re amazing…

I have thick black hair growing up. Was teased for having thick hair. Always hated it. Wished I had flat thin hair like the other girls. Over the years, I have learned to work with my thick hair. The flatiron is my friend. And then I saw a photo of this girl on Pinterest with beautiful big black hair. I actually found it beautiful. I was surprised. Maybe this could be the beginning of me embracing my own hair? Just the way I am? Watercolor painting. It was fun painting her big curl hair.


2 thoughts on “You’re amazing…

  1. jan pendergast says:

    None of us ever seem to be happy with our hair do we ?
    I have your ‘desirable ‘ flat straight hair , and always wanted big and curly !
    So when those spiral perms were popular , I embraced the torture , and just afored my huge long hair ! L.o.l. !!!

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