I love big hair

I love big hair and I just don’t care🤣🤣🤣 another curly big hair girl. This one is a little more graphic. Used micro pen to outline her. Can you tell i am obsessed with polka dot background lately? Love polka dots! Make everything “funner”❤️

She went through a few rounds of changes before I am finally at peace with her.

I went crazy with her background at first, hoping to extend the pattern on her shirt to the background. Turned out really bad. Looked crazy.

I just could not live with that, so I finally decided to use gesso to cover up the background.

Much better. But thought she needed something for her background. Polka dots! Why not? They always make me smile.

Showed it to my daughter who still thought something was missing. Some kind of outline she said. And so I did. Outlined her with a micro pen. I like it now!

Amazing how background can make such a big difference. Thank you daughter💕💕💕


4 thoughts on “I love big hair

  1. Joan says:

    I really am a fan…..your art is so wonderful and always makes me smile. There is just “something” you generate with your talent ……beyond my smile there is an inspiration as well as an appreciation of your sharing. Thanks….❤

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