Big hair big dreams

I am still obsessed with big hair. Used to love Keri Russell big blond curls in the show felicity. Decided to paint this with her hair as my inspiration. To all the big hair girls out there. Enjoy your big hair, and big dreams!


4 thoughts on “Big hair big dreams

  1. jan pendergast says:

    Yep , big hair was always my wish too , imagine my joy at having those spiral perms back in the eighties ! I adored them ! For a few years , I could tock that big hair 😃😂😁

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  2. Sandra L. says:

    She is simply gorgeous. I always wished I had big hair. Instead I had straight hair with is not very thick and to make it worse it is now snow white, which I hate. The only time I had big hair was back in the ’60’s which required going to bed with a dozen or so curlers/rollers then waking up to a teasing comb and lots of Aqua Net hair spray. That aside, you have created another gorgeous lady with beautiful features.

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