My addiction

Perhaps the only way I can paint flowers…

Yes I am officially addicted. To alcohol ink painting. There is something exciting and thrilling about being a newbie, learning a new medium.

I have seen beautiful alcohol ink art on the web and admired the translucency and abstract nature of it. Reminded me of watercolor.

Decided to play with it and I have not been able to stop playing! I love the unexpected nature of it, the utter lack of control. Letting the ink and isopropyl alcohol take me to new discoveries.

Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But always a discovery. Letting go of the need to control and just be. Knowing that a wrong squirt of alcohol could ruin what I have and all you can do is start over. Just like life. You can always start over and you never know what beautiful discoveries lie ahead.

I love discovering colors through alcohol ink play. And sometimes I would accidentally come across a beautiful color combination, like what I did today. Not my usual but a pleasant surprise. Orange and gold.

A surprising color combination
Love the shimmering gold color

And sometimes, you need to know when to stop. Like this piece. I should have stopped but I kept going and ended up with this. A mess. 😂

Here are some other pieces I have created. Yes I have been creating like a mad woman … with her hair dryer😂

Do you see a bird?
Do you see a ballerina?


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