I can’t help it!

I have been so enamored by alcohol ink painting that I have not done any face painting. And today I finally was able to combine my two loves – face and alcohol ink painting!

Definitely different due to the lack of control of alcohol ink. I had to approach it differently and be very careful in how I apply the paint/ink.

So this is my process. Let me know if you have any way to paint a face with alcohol ink! I would love to learn other ways!

First I start off with a drawing and then used masking fluid to mask away the areas I want to keep untouched. Then I let it dry for a day. The second day I added alcohol ink to the areas around her face.

More colors added

Actually I kinda like it like that. But that is not the point. So I rubbed away the masking fluid. It’s really hard to rub them off with rubber gloves on 😂

You can see the white areas for her eyebrow, eye, nostril, nose and lips

Then I painted her features with a paintbrush, alcohol ink and micron pen.

Yes she looks kinda cross😂 but I like how she turned out. Next time I will try and make her smile more.

I am happy with my first attempt. Alcohol ink is truly a magical medium. I love the organic look of the ink. The more I look at her the more I love it! Will practice more for sure!

What do you think?


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