I love big hair

I love big hair and I just don’t care🤣🤣🤣 another curly big hair girl. This one is a little more graphic. Used micro pen to outline her. Can you tell i am obsessed with polka dot background lately? Love polka dots! Make everything “funner”❤️

She went through a few rounds of changes before I am finally at peace with her.

I went crazy with her background at first, hoping to extend the pattern on her shirt to the background. Turned out really bad. Looked crazy.

I just could not live with that, so I finally decided to use gesso to cover up the background.

Much better. But thought she needed something for her background. Polka dots! Why not? They always make me smile.

Showed it to my daughter who still thought something was missing. Some kind of outline she said. And so I did. Outlined her with a micro pen. I like it now!

Amazing how background can make such a big difference. Thank you daughter💕💕💕

You’re amazing…

I have thick black hair growing up. Was teased for having thick hair. Always hated it. Wished I had flat thin hair like the other girls. Over the years, I have learned to work with my thick hair. The flatiron is my friend. And then I saw a photo of this girl on Pinterest with beautiful big black hair. I actually found it beautiful. I was surprised. Maybe this could be the beginning of me embracing my own hair? Just the way I am? Watercolor painting. It was fun painting her big curl hair.

Getting my sea legs back..

Have not painted for the last 2 weeks while I was visiting family in Singapore. Was hesitant to pick up my paintbrush. Doubting myself.

But once I got going, it’s like cycling… felt a little rusty but still enjoyable. Goes to show that practice makes a big difference. Like most things in life. Glad to be back.

Happy New Year!